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Estate Administration Archives

Estate administration issues may affect Maryland residents

Maryland residents may be interested in an estate-related legal proceeding that is currently taking place in another state. Reports indicated that the two surviving sisters of a deceased woman are currently at odds over who should take control over the decedent's estate. While the estate is worth more than originally thought, each sister is said to be reporting a different value. As a result, the estate administration has not yet moved forward.

Sendak estate involved in will dispute

Many individuals know that the wording of legal documents can play a significant part in how those documents are interpreted. In some cases, there may be issues if involved parties believe that a document has different intents. When it comes to estate plans, a will dispute could arise if individuals believe that a document has different meanings.

Will dispute relating to Ernie Banks' estate seeing setbacks

After a loved one has died, many individuals could expect to receive some sort of inheritance from their loved one's estate. Whether these expectations arise due to their position in the family or because the deceased had expressed such intentions before death, some individuals may be shocked to learn that they have been left out of the wills entirely. In such cases, individuals may be concerned that the details of the will were not the true intentions, and a will dispute could take place.

Prince's estate administration dealing with complications

When there no estate plans have been made and a loved one dies, surviving family members may face complications. An estate administration will likely need to be formed in order to handle the many facets of probate, and individuals may face time-consuming legal processes. These proceedings may feel overwhelming, and many parties may wish to seek assistance in navigating the situation.

Will dispute issues may concern Maryland residents

Many Maryland residents may expect there to be a formal reading of the will when they lose a loved one. However, it is not required that a will be read aloud, and if individuals would like to know the contents of a loved one's will, they may need to determine what steps they should take. In the event that there are issues with the document, a will dispute may take place.

Fake documents likely to lead to will dispute in Maryland

Many individuals leave behind wills that dictate to whom they wish to leave their funds and other assets. Though these documents are legally binding, there may be instances in which individuals will attempt to pass off fake documents. In such cases, suspicions may arise, and a will dispute could lead to estate litigation in order to determine who is rightfully entitled to what.

Will dispute could arise from executor mistakes in Maryland

Some Maryland residents likely feel a sense of pride when they are named executors to estates. They may believe that a loved one trusted them and deemed them responsible enough to handle the duties that come along with handling a will after that loved one's passing. However, being an executor may come with its own difficulties, and a will dispute may arise if parties are unsatisfied.

Facing probate issues in Maryland

Matters of estate administration can be very complicated. Those facing probate issues in Maryland, or other legal challenges involving a will dispute or trusts may want to seek guidance from an experienced probate and estate administration attorney before proceeding to court. Since laws may vary in different states, it is typically prudent to gain an understanding of the law's in one's own state before attempting to resolve issues pertinent to the topic.

Maryland estate administration: wills recognized between states

Maryland residents may have questions or concerns regarding a variety of issues pertaining to documentation of wishes to be carried out at the time of their deaths. When no estate plan has been established, such matters as property and asset distribution are typically addressed by the court. With regard to estate administration, the laws of probate are governed by individual states.

Maryland families may want to avoid will dispute

Regardless of how carefully a person plans his or her estate, circumstances sometimes lead to a family battle in the wake of an estate owner's death. Maryland families may wish to take note of a recent article that discusses a book written to help siblings and other family members avoid the squabbles that can result from a will dispute. One writer described the tension that can arise between siblings who are engaging in battle over an inheritance as comparable to a nasty divorce.