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Sendak estate involved in will dispute

Many individuals know that the wording of legal documents can play a significant part in how those documents are interpreted. In some cases, there may be issues if involved parties believe that a document has different intents. When it comes to estate plans, a will dispute could arise if individuals believe that a document has different meanings.

Maryland residents may be interested in a recent decision made regarding a will dispute involving the estate of children's writer and illustrator Maurice Sendak. Reports stated that the Rosenbach Museum and Library had entered a dispute with Sendak's estate over books that were to be donated to the museum. Sendak's will apparently stated that the establishment was to receive "rare edition books," and the conflict came about after the library stated it did not receive all of the bequeathed books.

The estate argued that "rare edition books" and "rare books" were not the same. Additionally, the estate's representative stated that the wording of the will was purposeful in order to make a distinction regarding which books were to be donated. The court recently ruled in favor of Sendak's estate, and 252 out of 340 books were to remain with the estate.

Cases in which the wording of documents comes into question can be complicated affairs. The intent of the deceased may not always be as clear as desired, and as a result, a will dispute could arise. If Maryland residents feel the need to seek clarification on certain estate documents, they may wish to discuss their concerns with experienced attorneys.

Source:, "Maurice Sendak's Estate Awarded Favorable Verdict in Will Dispute", Anna Sulkin, Nov. 7, 2016

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