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Will dispute relating to Ernie Banks' estate seeing setbacks

After a loved one has died, many individuals could expect to receive some sort of inheritance from their loved one's estate. Whether these expectations arise due to their position in the family or because the deceased had expressed such intentions before death, some individuals may be shocked to learn that they have been left out of the wills entirely. In such cases, individuals may be concerned that the details of the will were not the true intentions, and a will dispute could take place.

Maryland residents may be interested in such a dispute currently taking place in another state. Reports indicate that the estate of former professional baseball player Ernie Banks -- who died last year -- is currently under scrutiny. His estranged wife reportedly believes that she was unjustly left out of the will due to pressure put on the man by his long-time friend. The friend was reportedly named the sole beneficiary and executor of the estate.

The wife suspects that the friend used the man's dementia in order to gain control of the estate. The dispute is currently working toward a settlement, but there have been several setbacks. One settlement had been refused, and the wife's legal counsel recently left the case due to conflicts with their client. More issues could arise as the judge on the case is set to retire in upcoming months.

Facing probate issues can be a complicated situation to handle. Luckily, individuals who are attempting to ensure that the true wishes of a deceased individual are being carried out have options for assistance. Maryland residents hoping to move forward with a will dispute may wish to consult with experienced attorneys to learn more about the possible avenues for action.

Source: Chicago Tribune, "Proposed settlement in fight over Ernie Banks' estate dealt blow", Jason Meisner, Sept. 21, 2016

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