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Info on probate process may help concerned Maryland residents

When individuals lose a loved one, there may be complications that arise within the estate. Some family members may face disagreements when it comes to certain details of the will or other documents, and as a result, they may consider litigation in order to get the problems sorted. If Maryland residents are looking into such an option, they may wish to gain more information on the probate process.

It was recently reported that a family in another state went through such a predicament. A mother and her three children were part of the litigation after the children believed there were issues pertaining to the ownership of a vacation home and rental income left behind by the husband/father. The children filed a lawsuit, and the mother followed up with one of her own, claiming that she was tricked when it came to signing the deed to the vacation home.

The lawsuits were recently settled as the family went through mediation. Details on the settlements were not given, but one of the children stated that he hoped the family would get back to normal. However, the mother claimed that she did not want anything to do with the children as she believes they spread falsehoods relating to her mental state in order to bolster their own legal claims.

It is always unfortunate when disagreements negatively affect a family, but when there are serious concerns, litigation may be the most reasonable route for effectively handling the situation. If Maryland residents are facing such concerns and would like assistance in moving forward with legal action of their own, they may wish to find out more about the probate process. Conferring with experienced attorneys could allow interested parties to gain valuable insight.

Source: New York Daily News, "Mob lawyer's widow furious with kids suing her over dad's estate", John Marzulli, Sept. 6, 2016

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