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April 2016 Archives

Estate planning is vital in case of incapacitation in Maryland

To many Maryland residents, the idea of needing someone else to take care of them can be unpleasant. Nonetheless, many individuals may need some sort of long-term care as they get older. Because there are many questions that could arise when it comes to such care, estate planning is important so that individuals can address these potential needs and arrangements formally.

Life changes may mean estate planning changes in Maryland

Throughout their lives, individuals often change their minds about various aspects of their lives. These changes could range from insignificant details of a person's life to rather important factors that could have lasting impacts. Therefore, even if Maryland residents have gone through the estate planning process, they may wish to ensure that they revisit their plans and make changes as necessary. 

Wills, trusts important to Maryland estate plans

Though many Maryland residents probably know about certain aspects of estate planning, they may be uncertain how some documents differ from others. Because wills and trusts both address how property should be distributed, some parties may think that having one or the other in their plans is sufficient. However, these documents do have differences that could significantly affect a person's estate plans.